The gorges of the river Aveyron

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It is a narrow and deep valley carved by the Aveyron between Saint Antonin Noble Val and Bruniquel, which stretches until Montricoux. The spectacle of the limestone cliffs overlooking the Aveyron is beautiful ...

At this point the Aveyron made impressive turns. The landscape is amazing, displaying a succession of limestone cliffs overlooking an unspoilt nature ! You can discover this picturesque landscape either byfollowing the road that runs along the bottom of the gorges, or by contemplating from above the breathtaking views from the panoramic edge of the plateau along the limestone cliffs.

Beginning of the gorges at Saint Antonin Noble Val (clic to enlarge)
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It is also possible to enjoy this picturesque nature at water level down the Aveyron by canoe from Saint Antonin Noble Val ...

After Montricoux the Aveyron arrives on the wide and flat plain of Montauban.

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