Bright and sunny cottage

Looking to the South, in a very quiet and resting nature

impressive living room ...

ceiling at 3.80 m ; beautiful beams ... and stone walls !

sun, stone and wood

serenity and simple pleasures

the kitchen ...

a large and nice room, fully equipped

up to the first floor

... enjoying a magnificent chandelier

3 bedrooms ... and more

3 large bedrooms and extra beds
1 bathroom (shower, bath)
and a large terrace for sunbathing!

You are at home

for an unforgettable holiday !

Our local productions

honey and saffron


It is an old rural school which is now isolated in the woods. It welcomed children until the year 1956 ...

The children were coming on foot through the countryside from the surrounding farms and hamlets. Some of them were walking several kilometers on foot ... by all weather conditions.

The children of all grades were grouped in the same classroom (now the cottage living room), as only one teacher was involved in the school. The appartment of the school teacher was on the first floor.

Outside, the stone wall around the cottage is limiting the old playground.

You will also find the exit stairway to the playground (on the right hand for girls, left for boys)