Bright and sunny cottage

Looking to the South, in a very quiet and resting nature

impressive living room ...

ceiling at 3.80 m ; beautiful beams ... and stone walls !

sun, stone and wood

serenity and simple pleasures

the kitchen ...

a large and nice room, fully equipped

up to the first floor

... enjoying a magnificent chandelier

3 bedrooms ... and more

3 large bedrooms and extra beds
1 bathroom (shower, bath)
and a large terrace for sunbathing!

You are at home

for an unforgettable holiday !

Our local productions

honey and saffron

Local Information

Penne and its Castle

Castle of Penne (clic to enlarge)
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Penne, also called Penne du Tarn or Penne d'Albigeois, is a medieval village in the north of the Tarn department.

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The Albigensian Bastides

Puycelsi (clic to enlarge)
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A bastide is a fortified medieval village. In the region, the medieval wars lasted so long that most of the surrounding villages were fortresses for defense and observation, perched on hills or on rocky peaks. This high position is indeed an amazing feature of the local bastides ... to be visited ...

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The gorges of the river Aveyron

map of the gorges (clic to enlarge)
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It is a narrow and deep valley carved by the Aveyron between Saint Antonin Noble Val and Bruniquel, which stretches until Montricoux. The spectacle of the limestone cliffs overlooking the Aveyron is beautiful ...

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The Cathars at Penne

In the year 1200, the lord of Penne was an ally of the Cathars. Penne was then Penne d'Albigeois ... 

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Dovecots of South-West of France

The surrounding countryside conceals some treasures of architecture, an heritage of the past (from the Roman period) ...

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The Knights Templars

The Templars were established around 1140 in the manor of Penne, where first they possessed all the territory of the "Albis" ...

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The Local Markets 

Most of the surrounding villages have a street market. Here are the opening dates for some of them:  

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Penne and the Hundred Years War

During the Hundred Years War (1337-1453), Penne is one of the issues of regional struggles.

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The hiking trail GR46

map of the GR 46 (clic to enlarge)
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The GR46 is a hiking trail that passes a few meters from the cottage.

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