Bright and sunny cottage

Looking to the South, in a very quiet and resting nature

impressive living room ...

ceiling at 3.80 m ; beautiful beams ... and stone walls !

sun, stone and wood

serenity and simple pleasures

the kitchen ...

a large and nice room, fully equipped

up to the first floor

... enjoying a magnificent chandelier

3 bedrooms ... and more

3 large bedrooms and extra beds
1 bathroom (shower, bath)
and a large terrace for sunbathing!

You are at home

for an unforgettable holiday !

Our local productions

honey and saffron

The Knights Templars

The Templars were established around 1140 in the manor of Penne, where first they possessed all the territory of the "Albis" ...

Several of them lived in the parish of St. Mary Magdalene of Albis (now hamlet of la Madeleine, on the right bank of the Aveyron). These Templars built, shortly after, the castle of Vaour. This place was then their main local stronghold known as the Commandery of Vaour. With a growing influence at each donation, the commandery gradually became one of the most important constituencies of the College in the south of France.

At Vaour

At Vaour was the regional commandery: that is to say, the center of activity of the Templars in the region. The commandery was the living place of the knights. It was at the center of an estate on which were built farms.

The commandery of Vaour (clic to enlarge)
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Although most often located on rural The commandery of Vaourland generating revenues, the commanderies could also be very urban and even in ports when the Knights got the monopoly or privileges of trade, or of transport of pilgrims. In land combat, as Penne & Vaour, commanderies were fortresses or fortified rural farms. 


At Penne

Around the year 1140, the Templars had considerable possessions in the lordship of Penne. They soon built a castle at Vaour on a hill bare and barren, and called to them the inhabitants scattered throughout the countryside.

The properties of the Templars of Vaour, within the jurisdiction of Penne, were considerable. Penne lords were the first and the main benefactors of the Knights community. The Templars possessed, among other assets, the church of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine-of-Albis, located on the right bank of the Aveyron.

(source: personnal files of M. Petitimbert, owner of the "Relais Templiers de Vaour" )


At Puycelsi

Donations were made in the twelfth century, to the Templars of Vaour, by the lords living in Puycelci, and other places nearby. The Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, established at Raissac, also had property in that jurisdiction, about the same time.

(source: personnal files of M. Petitimbert, owner of the "Relais Templiers de Vaour" )


Near Castelnau-de-Montmirail  

The possessions of the commandery of Vaour, within the jurisdiction of Campagnac, were reduced to a few strongholds giving cash.

(source: personnal files of M. Petitimbert, owner of the "Relais Templiers de Vaour" )



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