Bright and sunny cottage

Looking to the South, in a very quiet and resting nature

impressive living room ...

ceiling at 3.80 m ; beautiful beams ... and stone walls !

sun, stone and wood

serenity and simple pleasures

the kitchen ...

a large and nice room, fully equipped

up to the first floor

... enjoying a magnificent chandelier

3 bedrooms ... and more

3 large bedrooms and extra beds
1 bathroom (shower, bath)
and a large terrace for sunbathing!

You are at home

for an unforgettable holiday !

Our local productions

honey and saffron

Dovecots of South-West of France

The surrounding countryside conceals some treasures of architecture, an heritage of the past (from the Roman period) ...

In the vicinity of the cottage, you will discover some strange buildings in the fields: the old dovecots ; unused now, but protected as an heritage. There are lots of old dovecots in France (and in the world ...), but in the south-west of France they have a special feature, very beautiful and refined. A dovecot  was often called a columbarium when it was a separate building.

In the past, the pigeons were obviously used to bring messages, but they had another advantage for their owners: their droppings were a popular fertilizer.

The construction of such dovecots was expensive. They were a mark of wealth. In the south-west of France, they were not a privilege of lords like in the north.





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